Hi mom!

If you’ve stumbled upon this, you should know this is intended as a live, easy access collection of recipes for myself while I embark on the change from carnivore to herbivore.  What you’ll see here are recipes I’ve found either online or by scouring cookbooks from the library.  Often times I make changes and additions, but the original source will always be cited.  And, every once in a while you’ll find an original MealGoodFeelGood recipe.

Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Marie Wallace says:

    I am super impressed! You will have to let me know the ones you repeat/ favorites. I want to try lots of these! We aren’t cutting out meat, but cutting back and definitely switching to whole foods! I love cooking, but it is hard when the kiddos don’t want to watch the movie I try and distract them with 🙂

    I have some good recipes too I will have to share with you.
    Miss you guys!

    • Hey, thanks! If it made it on here, it’s a repeat or a favorite. I’ve tried probably a hundred vegan recipes and these all make the cut. I think it’s really easy to cook this way, but I’m also not wrangling two kids while doing so… Miss you guys too, see you soon!

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